Commitment to Creativity

How wonderful to be able to write!  This weekend, I had a bit of an awakening moment with my writing and motivation around that.  I went off to a wonderful workshop with my illustrator and writer sister and enjoyed a day talking about money and understanding my relationship towards it where writing is concerned.  It wasn't what I expected and I was amazed to realise how negatively I have spent my life thinking about money.

It was also fantastic to acknowledge that something you really love to do 'when you have a moment' between jobs, or time with children and life in general, could turn out be something you actually do 'for a living.'  It was quite the revelation!

So when I returned home last night, I did find that twenty minutes to get back to my edit for my screenplay and then today, I did the same - I focused on my editing for a whole hour!  I've made a commitment to myself and to my creativity that means I will continue to do this until I've actually finished the screenplay now!  Watch this space!

What inspires you?  Do you have that creative spark of an idea that you'd love to turn into a reality?  Don't wait.  Do it!  Make that commitment to yourself and your creativity and watch your ideas blossom.