The Meaning of Creativity

This weekend, on a rare weekend away - the second only in about ten years, with my darling sister, we headed away to the Cotswolds for a couple of days to restore, reflect and just be.

We visited Batsford Arboretum on Saturday and strolled in the brief sunshine and bitter cool air, laughing, taking many photos of flora and fauna and contemplating our lives; our childhood, our freedom and independence during that time and the ordinary and extraordinary events that have happened in our lives.

What is so wonderful in a period of 'downtime,' is that once your brain realises there is no need for a million thoughts a second, you reach this calm in your whole system, where your body and mind finally rest and all those aches, pains and worries fly away and in the quiet of those moments, creativity is born.

While my darling husband was running around with our three children, keeping them occupied, having fun and staying busy getting through the piles of washing, I was sitting in a tea room opposite a very inspirational soul, my sister, laughing and joking about nonsense and reflecting on the way we are as people.  We are creative and kind souls, wishing to create wonderful art in whatever shape or form it may come, through all that we do and make others happy by sharing that art, be it books, the written word, painting, photography, baking, it matters not.  What matters is how that makes one feel.

Creativity is something that is at the core of each and every one of us and by doing something creative, whatever that may be, it allows us to express how we are feeling, who we are and what we might wish to say to the world.  Creativity is inspiring, thought-provoking and gentle, it gives us cause, belief and time for reflection.  It makes us happy, as it feeds the person we are and gives enjoyment to others.

For myself, my focus is always on the children first and even through home education and our daily lives, I will always allow a lot of creativity and ensure there is always access to everything from paint and canvases, to colouring pens, paper, art and craft materials, should the desire to 'make' something come up.

And for me, on a personal level, I am always being given ideas, from a conversation, an image, a sentiment, a story.  They come to me and I write various things down, vowing to go back to them 'soon' and when I have time, be that at intervals during the day or moments of an evening, I love to write.

Staying away for the weekend allowed my sister and I to share ideas, progress our individual plans for our writing and come up with new ideas, too.  It allowed us to be our authentic selves.

Never underestimate the value in creativity and taking time for yourself, even if it is only a moment in any given day.  It is the beating of your heart, the vibration of your soul, the colour in your dreams, the undulation in your thoughts.

Take the time, it doesn't matter what it is, go with your heart, move with kindness, believe in yourself and create something wonderful, whether for yourself or for others and enjoy the process of creating something truly magical.