A Creative Juggling Act

Well, I made a promise to myself to have by novel finished and published by the autumn of this year (after many deadlines have since passed, I felt this might be something more achievable!) and by some miracle of science, I have finally reached the end of the novel and have officially completed the first draft and it now lies in the hands of an editor!

The original screenplay took me about seven years to complete and the novel has changed that screenplay, so I will inevitably be rewriting that, once I've worked again on the novel when it is returned with notes and inevitable changes in a few weeks' time!  Writing a novel is so different to writing a script.  With a script, you are just as visual, but you are concentrating on the dialogue and building the characters through that and movement, working on the physical situations they find themselves in.

A novel, as I've discovered, allows the writer to build a picture in the mind of the reader in a different way and it's been so interesting over the last year, starting out with one idea and realising over time that it's now become so much more; not least, with the loss of my Dad last October.  He was the inspiration for one of the main characters and though, being divorced from my mother when I was very young, we never had the chance to spend a great deal of time together in our growing up years, my sister and I got to know him more as an adult.  He was funny, kind, a bit lacking in the 'fatherly' department, hard-working and devoted to creativity and always trying to make a fast buck, though in all honesty, he was never a hostage to material things, something I am actually really grateful to know.

The father in my book, with his capable, crackers, exterior and his mushy inside, dotes on his daughter, something we did not necessarily recognise in life, though I know he was proud of myself and my sister in all our creative endeavours.  When I told him I'd written a screenplay, he was interested in the process and didn't know how I'd found the time as a mum of three and latterly, a home educator, but when he realised it was something that was actually coming to fruition, he saw the humour and I'd like to think right now, as it sits with an editor, that he'd be really chuffed to know that he'd meant enough to create this role, something he simply wasn't able to be in life.  In fact, with him now gone, it's amazing how the force of creativity and tenacity, two traits he displayed over and over again in his lifetime, now dominate my own life.

Other veins of creativity are reaching more into my life and I find myself creating new workshops for like-minded souls; I'm running my first Vision Board Workshop at the end of April.  This is going to be an afternoon of fun and gentle recognition of what we truly hope for in life.  The reality is, that most us never give ourselves time to ask and then answer that question from the heart.  An afternoon will never really be long enough to seek the answers from ourselves, but I hope that the lovely individuals who come along, will find kindred spirits, love and support for their ideas and a safe place to share their inner most dreams.

Looking at my children and their passions that are slowly, but surely coming to the fore, I have been realising that the Vision / Dream / Inspiration board journey may well be a help to many younger souls, who may also like to work on their dreams and ideas, their self-esteem and positivity.

With Easter weekend almost over, but with the holidays continuing, the children busy themselves with reading, relaxing, creating, settling down to watch their favourite movie or build a cosy den, or an incredible Lego design.  We have enjoyed visiting family and catching up, laughing and joking after a rough few months dealing with my Dad's estate and the laughter has been a welcome relief.

The rain doesn't always inspire walks with the children, though I, myself find the pitter patter of rain on the leaves rather soothing on a stroll in the outdoors and the dogs certainly don't mind, as they gallivant through the woods, darting from tree to tree, over bracken and through rhododendrons, getting steadily drenched and then inevitably lie down and roll in the muddiest puddle known to man, right before we get back to the house.  A thoroughly soapy wash and towel dry puts paid to the mud and the woofers are then ready for a well-deserved snooze in their drum beds; yep, drum cases turned into dog beds!

Next weekend I am looking forward to running another creative morning for children in a village nearby; an arty crafty morning covering Easter and Spring activities.  The children give me inspiration, as well as the lovely RedTedArt.com and my own inspiration from having fun with the children at home and running an art club a few years ago!

Still, juggling the creativity is a lot to manage some days when there are chores to do, children to entertain, (they also entertain themselves!) places and people to visit and it's fun and hard work, too.  If you're a creative soul, it's just something you seem to find a way to, or maybe it's your higher self expressing what you know is part of you anyway and was always meant to be?  Whatever the weather, I love being a creative and if you ever care to join me for a workshop, you will receive a warm welcome, or maybe find your own way to creativity with ideas that are all around you.  Everyone is capable of achieving great things, we are all born with potential, it's just slowing down long enough in this busy life to recognise something quite amazing when it's right in front of you and going with it ...