Creativity is good for the soul ....

This afternoon, I took myself off for three hours of blissful, gentle creation; of inspiration and of learning ... just.  for.  me.  Today was all about learning, patience, creativity and concentration; the art of making handmade soap.

I headed off in my trusty vehicle and spent 35 minutes listening and singing along to Gloria Estefan, an album of up-tempo, salsa-type numbers with a Latin American and Spanish influence and slow Spanish emotive numbers.  It was one of those mornings where I just fancied listening to something I could sing my heart out to, so I did, much to the amusement, I'm sure of many other fellow drivers out on the A31 today.

On arrival, I stepped out into the light rain and then into the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the home of the person who would be teaching myself and five other women in this lovely activity.

We learned about the importance of temperature when boiling the base and enjoyed putting colour into the soap and the were gently informed that less is more in some cases.  The wonderful time spent smelling the incredible aromas of the essential oils we got play with and carefully not overdoing it in the liquid soap.  I picked Jasmine and Bergamot for one set of soap and an Ocean mix for another.  Lovely and light and not likely to make you go nose blind while using it.  Waiting for it to cool and sprinkling a little glitter into the colourful mix was great fun and layering up pieces in a block as well.

What I found most enjoyable was the gentle wit around the table, the understated humour of light-hearted conversation from people all there for the learning, new to each other, with busy lives, all enjoying the fun of being creative and switching off from the everyday mundane.

The day was informative and fun and I would highly recommend a workshop with - it even inspired me to create my own workshops, too!