Debut Novel

In amongst the complete madness and focus on health of the last year, I have finally managed to complete (properly) my first ever fully written novel.

It has been a very busy year, with our son in hospital and the family being both together and apart for some of the journey. The kindness of a stranger last year meant that our boy has been able to have a stemcell transplant and is now at home on the long, steady journey of recovery and we are so immensely grateful.

I have been writing my comedy novel for years, first as a screenplay and now as a novel, which has meant it has changed enough for me to want to rewrite it again as a better screenplay! It will finally be ready at the beginning of July - just in time for the summer; a good, fun summer read.

I’m very proud of this accomplishment and my next book will be about our son’s and our family’s journey through childhood cancer and I hope it can make a positive difference to others faced with walking this path.

In the meantime, Hatch, Match, Dispatch will be published on Monday 9 September. Details to follow.