Kind & Humble

DKMS and Stemcell Donation

I’m an advocate for stem cell donation, after my son had Lyme Disease, AML and a stem cell transplant in 2018.

I’m an advocate for stem cell donation, after my son had Lyme Disease, AML and a stem cell transplant in 2018.

Last year, our son, Ben was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and Lyme Disease. After the first round of chemotherapy, he was deemed high risk and so the next step was a Stemcell Transplant.

As we in his immediate family were not donor matches, DKMS helped us last August with an Appeal for an unrelated donor. After a few weeks of waiting, we were given the amazing news that there was a donor match for Ben. The utter relief we felt, knowing he would get a second chance at life, was immeasurable.

Ben’s transplant went ahead last Autumn and he is now home and recovering well, thanks to this Angel who we do not know.

It’s easy to sign up, if you’re between 17 and 55, just go to and register your details. They’ll send you a swab kit, which takes about three minutes to do and then you pop it back in the post and await your ‘Lifesaver’ card.

Donating is a bit like giving blood and is much more straight forward these days. I am an absolute advocate for stemcell donation because I know the reality of all that can do for a person. An act of unbelievable kindness saved my son’s life.

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Never Give Up Faith

A few years back, I wrote a song for missing people.  I felt compelled to do something and the song literally just appeared in my head, so I wrote it down at speed and with a little help, it came to fruition over a year or two in several forms and was recorded by the lovely Katy Shotter.  You can purchase it on iTunes here.




Be Kind & Humble

I'm definitely one for doing what I can when I can and I know in each of us, there is that potential; a smile for a stranger or a kind word, a shoulder for someone on hard times who may really need it.  I try and be kindful and mindful as my sister says and never to judge.  You never know what someone who talks happily is holding inside.  There are plenty of people who may benefit from your kindness much more than you realise, so I am going to try and do a random act of kindness for someone every day, even if it's the simplest thing.